Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This are some photos from my wedding day.

Mallak's 2nd Birthday

I have made a short video with Windows Movie Maker. It is very easy. When I have more time, I'll add music and my voice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A bad story

One day,I woke up in the morning then I prepared breakfast for my daughter to feed her so she refused it, then I tried to leave her for a few minutes to watch something that she liked, but it didn't work with her.
After that I realized that she was sick with high fever and she pointed at her ears also. Usually on the weekend her GP is closed. Terrible!! Terrible!!
We took her to a medical center, the doctor said she had a sore throat,just keep giving her Panadol and Neurofen.
The same day at 7:30 in the evening, she started shivering her hands and her lips turned nearly black with high fever.
I took her to hospital very quickly, we stayed there for 3 hours, there were no Doctors to check my daughter only training Doctors, who don't have experience. They checked her ears,her throat and told me it was just a virus in her throat may be after 3 days she will be allright.
Finally the next day I went to her GP with a letter from ST.George Hospital, then the Doctor had a look at my daughter and he told me absolutely she needed antibiotic and drops for her ears.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Physical punishment

Physical punishment to discpline children is not a good way of bringing up children, most parents suffer from this problem.
In my opinion if you punish your child physically that will make a bad impression in their brains and also this behaviour may effect their own lifes when they are grown up, I think they won't forget it.
It is heart-braking to see these children being upset and angry from this abuse.
Some children suffer some physical damage like brain damage, ears injuries.
According to stastics "Reported cases of child abuse have increased by 63% in the last 10 years and over 3 million children are at risk of exposure to parental violence each year.
There are many ways to discpline children by isolating them from friends, naughty corner, not to go away for a holiday, not to give them pocket money.
If you always hit your children physically, they'll other children, friends, even their parents because they do what they see. It is very hard to understand children what they want, what they think, what they do!!!!!!!!!
If you have any problem with your children, don't hesitate, there are professional people to help you with this problem.
Please don't make children unhappy if they make a mistake teach them, be nice, talk calmly, be a friend to them, always surprise them by bringing them presents that they'll like if they're good.

Excursion to Sculpture by the sea

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Exursion to Bondi Beach and then to Tamarama beach
Before this excursion happened ou teacher organised a lot of things to have a look beforehand.So our class joined AMEP_A class, the teachers thought it easier to talk about this excursion for this couple of classes.
Anyway they gave us some information about what we were going to see and what we had to do? We talked about this exhibition which is called "Sculpture by the sea" where there are many sculptures according to their numbers, with their definition about their materials, size, etc. And also we talked about the time and where we were going to meet? So every student has this sculpture and his no. that's was our work.
Last Tuesday we went on an excursion to see an International Art Exhibition called"Sculpture by the sea" from Bondi Beach to Tamurama Beach.
The weather was amazing,sunny no wind with 27 degree temperature, it was really excited to go there.
I woke up in the morning early at 6:30 The weather was amazing,sunny no wind with 27 degree temperature, it was really excited to go there,so I started to organise everything for me and my daughter.
We ate our breakfast very quickly and got dressed then I dropped my daughter off to child care centre.After that I realized that I forget my daughter's lunch at home .
i was really lucky because my husband was with us so he was in a hurry to grab her lunch,I waited for him, I took some photos of my daughterin the child care centre and played with her.
Then I bought some coffee and I went to Kogarah Station at 9:00 to meet my classmates who were in the queueto pay for the fare of the ticket and some of them were talking.At 9:16 we caught the train to Bondi Junction and then we caught a bus which was only prepaid, while we waited we talked with teachers and with classmates about some terrible news happened in Sydney.
We rode the bus and after 15 minutes we arrived to Bondi Beach which was wonderful with their long beach, nice views,straightaway I remembered my country I actually felt homesick and it was the first time I went there.
So my classmates bought hats to protect their head from the sun also they put suncream too. I was excited to see this Exhibition so we walked along the beach, we saw many sculptures ,many designs,many colours,many decoration ,many views, I couldn't imagine "What's the meaning of that", it was hard to understand every sculpture. There were many tourists visited this occasion which was fabulous in their location and view. I couldn't explain my feelings that day we really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes

The Editor

Dear Sir
I agree with Fresh Air Felicity about her opinion of smokers, we're fed up with them because Smoking causes a dirty mess and pollution in our city.
Especially it's really dangerous for children to breathe this foul_smell.
Also do you know the butts on the footpath end up in the water when it's rains, they're spread very quickly into it, which is very dangerous and really bad for our environment.
What's more it's extremely disgusting when you are next to smokers then you have to put your clothes on the line or wash them.
We certainly need to fix this huge problem and make Smokers do it in a designated area.